The Armory Show, 2017

Yayoi Kusama, Alex Katz, Robert Longo, Jack Tworkov and others

Booth No. 428

March 2017

Yayoi Kusama 
Acrylic on canvas
39 3/8 x 39 3/8 inches
100 x 100 cm

Jack Tworkov 

Brake III,

Oil on canvas

63 x 77 inches

Robert Longo 
Untitled (typhoon, Philippines 4/15/99), 2000
Graphite and charcoal on mounted paper in artist's frame
56 x 65 in.
137.2 x 165.1 cm

Ed Ruscha
Little Sister, 2015 
Dry pigment, acrylic on paper 
7 1/2 × 11 13/100 in 
19.1 × 28.3 cm 

Press Release

Helwaser Gallery is pleased to announce our participation in The Armory Show, 2017. This will be the gallery's second year of participation in the fair. The presentation will feature prominent New York artists who have emerged in the late twentieth century, spotlighting major works from seminal artists such as Alex Katz, Robert Longo and Jack Tworkov. 

Major works on show include  mature work by Alex Katz, Red Hat (Nicole). Bringing the viewer face-to-face with an imposing blonde figure, dressed in a fur collar and voluminous red hat, Katz's work is a monumental portrait piece that is characterised by simplified forms and a dark background. In this painting, the model takes up the entirety of the canvas. With its flat planes of color and line, the work occupies a place in between abstraction and figuration. Known for his idiosyncratic style and depictions of youthful female subjects, Katz's work reflects the dynamic influences on New York artists in the late twentieth century. 


Another major work by the artist Robert Longo will also be on show. Known for his hyperrealistic images of people, things and events in charcoal, this work depicts a typhoon in the Philippines that rages on, bringing an all-engulfing tidal wave crashing down. Other major works in the booth include those from abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler, as well as prominent New York School founder Jack Tworkov. A recent work by Yayoi Kusama, part of her Infinity Net series, will also be part of the booth this year.


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